Coaching for busy fempreneurs

Learn to manage your business in alignment with your menstrual cycle to earn more money by doing less

Trying to do it all is tiring and stressful. When you are overwhelmed and exhausted you cannot show up fully for your business, others or yourself. What will it cost you if one day you can’t get out of bed because you’re burnt out?

With cycle awareness you can manage stress and thrive. Here is how:


We’ll connect on a 45-minute free Breakthrough Session to give you the clarity over how your cycle influences you and your business and what your next step is toward a stress-free and balanced life.



Learn how your menstrual cycle can set the framework for your business, develop new skills and habits to break the stress cycle so you can get more done with less sweat.


Eliminate stress, overwhelm and worry. Embrace your cyclical nature, balance and ease. Be present and show up fully for others and yourself. Succeed at work and thrive in life!


I’m a planthusiast | PCOS warrior | INTJ | Virgo | I had a black labrador | I love popcorn | I’ve visited 24 countries | I am a recovering binge-watcher | I met my fiancé in college | Reading, learning and cooking makes me happy | I attended countless heavy metal concerts | I have 9 tattoos | I recently started pole dancing 

Hello busy lady,

Let me guess you started your online business because you wanted to live out and monetise your passion, craved greater flexibility, more freedom and wanted to make a bigger impact. 

Sounds about right?

Today, this vision of yours just seems so far away. You feel that the stress and overwhelm that comes with being a fempreneur is consuming you and you’re worried that a serious illness or burnout is just around the corner. 

I am Vivien a certified Holistic Health Coach. I became so stressed when running my very first business that eventually I burnt out and needed to shut my company down. Even though it took some time to recover, I knew that entrepreneurship and I are not done yet. I vowed that I will allow my menstrual cycle to take the lead the second time. Today, I manage my business in partnership with my 28-day in-built clock which helps me be more productive, have more energy and achieve more without stress, overwhelm and exhaustion. 

This is more than possible for you too! Let’s chat.

A safe space for self-employed women where you’ll find support and guidance on how to stop stressing and start thriving.

During this 45-minute free session you’ll get a clear picture on what your business would look like once your partner up with your cycle.

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