Menstrual Magic Academy

with Vivien Vadkerti

6-week transformational group program designed for busy women like you to discover and connect to the feminine wisdom + embody menstrual magic to bring harmony to your menstrual cycle

Flowpreneur Academy 6 week group coaching - menstrual cycle - Vivien Vadkerti

Are you tired of working super hard but not seeing the results you truly want?

So far, busyness, hustle mentality and pushing hard only caused you to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed and lackBUT, it’s not your fault! You were conditioned to believe that constant productivity is king and that you need to perform the same way every day. Oh and not to mention, suffering and pain are just part of womanhood. Just suck it up, will you?!

I totally feel you, I’ve always thought something was “seriously wrong with me”, like I had a time-management problem, I was a total loser or maybe I just was never going to “make it” in this world. 

Then I realized, women are different every single day due to hormonal fluctuations. During each and every menstrual cycle we move through four phases – each has its own superpowers and vulnerabilities.

The missing link to living a freedom-based life (you deserve so much) is connecting with your menstrual cycle!

Now imagine if you...

  • Understood the unique blueprint within your body and how it can be used as a reliable & predictable framework for your life and business
  • Had self-care strategies in place to honour each phase of your cycle
  • Were able to predict how you’d be feeling ahead of time so you can embrace your superpowers and care for your vulnerabilities 
  • Could trust your body and intuition to navigate exercise, work, self-care, nutrition, and relationships with ease 
  • Lived your life and manage your business from a place of alignment

Simply put: Imagine if you could achieve more by doing less without pain and hustle

There is much more to your menstrual cycle than just your period!
Your cycle impacts all areas of your life and when it’s balanced you feel more at ease, clear, and filled with purpose.

Aligning your life with your cycle will set you up for SUCCESS

This course will:

  • Give you vital information about what’s happening hormonally, physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically – where science meets spirituality
  • Help you understand the magic you had all along and teaches you how to embody your cyclical wisdom 
  • Save you hundreds of hours of research and give you the exact tools you need to have a balanced cycle 
  • Teach you how to ease period pain and diminish PMS symptoms so you can thrive all month long 
  • Support you in discovering the connection between your cycle and the success of your business so you can feel empowered, productive and focused without stress
  • Hold space for you to engage in supportive and meaningful discussions with like-minded women who are on the same journey 
  • Guide you in identifying your superpowers and natural gifts as well as your vulnerabilities so you can embrace the totality of being a powerful woman
  • Provide you with practical tools to best care for each phase of your cycle and carry with you throughout your reproductive years and beyond

Meet your guide - Vivien Vadkerti - Holistic Lifestyle & Period coach

Hello beautiful goddess!

I used to be that “burning the candle at both ends” kind of woman.

No wonder why my periods were all over the place, irregular and painful. Pain-killers were my best friend so I could keep on pushing myself – because hard work will pay off in the end – right?!

Then I got diagnosed with PCOS and I needed to shift gears. I changed my diet, started taking better care of my body and learnt about the menstrual cycle. You’d think that the diagnosis was my wake up call but not so fast…

After I healed myself and everything seemed fine, I disregarded my cyclical wisdom once again by pushing myself to perform the same way everyday so I could keep my first business running. Eventually, I ended up burning out and had to close down my company with a huge debt. 

Lesson learnt (Finally! – my ovaries sighed). After recovering and standing there with the desire in my heart that no woman should ever suffer from period related issues, I started my coaching business. I knew, this time I need to allow my cycle to take the lead so I can avoid feeling constantly drained and instead operate from a place of alignment. 

And today, I can confidently say: I’ve cracked the code on how to DO LESS while achieving more of what truly matters. And this is what you are going to discover inside the MENSTRUAL MAGIC ACADEMY.

This course is everything I wish I'd known in my early 20's. 

Program Details

Inside the four modules regarding the four phases of the cycle you’ll learn about the best exercise routines, self-care practices and foods to nourish and support each phase.

Module 1: Body Basics

Learn what’s happening physically and hormonally at each phase of your menstrual cycle and why it is important to sync your life (& business) with it. Plus, you’ll gain understanding over the difference between the single & the second clock and how to balance both

Module 2: Menstruation

Learn about how to best support your menstrual phase so you can harness its gifts & superpowers in your life and business. You will also receive all my pain-free period tips, practices and rituals so you will not need to pop Ibuprofen every time you are on your moon

Module 3: Follicular Phase

Learn about how to best support your pre-ovulatory phase so you can harness its gifts & superpowers in your life and business. Embrace your creativity and set yourself up for a productive month to come 

Module 4: Ovulatory Phase

Learn about how to best support your ovulatory phase so you can harness its gifts & superpowers in your life and business. You will also receive guidance on how to boost fertility for better egg quality (which is super important regardless whether you want to get pregnant or not right now)

Module 5: Luteal Phase

Learn about how to best support your premenstrual phase so you can harness its gifts & superpowers in your life and business. You will also receive all my PMS free tips, practices and rituals so you do not need to feel “out of order” for one week each month

Module 6: Menstrual Magic

Learn about how to live your life, run your business, and lead as a powerful cyclical being in our patriarchal/linear society

What's included?

  • Weekly video lectures & workbook
  • 3 LIVE group sessions + Q&A – each session will run for about 60-90 minutes. So please set aside at least 90 minutes for each group session.
  • 1:1 attention in each group call or the ability to listen and take it all in 
  • All LIVE Sessions are recorded and posted for replay if you are unable to make it live, so don’t stress!
  • Practical tools you can use easily in your every day life to best support each phase of your menstrual cycle and to transform the way you feel, think and act no matter what your lifestyle is
  • Meaningful group discussions to connect with other women who are on the same journey as you 
  • Private Facebook support community for course members only
  • Accountability partner – to support you on the journey of becoming connecting with your menstrual magic 
  • Unlimited 1:1 support throughout the 6 weeks through email or the FB group
  • Option to upgrade to VIP and have 3 x 1:1 sessions with me
  • Lifetime access to all videos and resources  

BONUS: Cycle Tracking PDF

BONUS: Printable Charts & Planner

BONUS: A 30 minute 1:1 exit call after the 6-weeks

How it works - Badass Goddess program - Vivien Vadkerti -

This program is for you if...

  • You’ve tried it all: fad diets, fasting, self-help books, business strategies, personal development, time-management tools etc. but still not getting the desired (and deserved) results
  • You are tired of your neverending to-do lists that leave you constantly drained, frustrated, stressed and overworked
  • You hate your period, sick of having PMS symptoms and dread everything about being a woman 
  • You had enough of trying to force your cyclical body fit into our modern, linear world 
  • You want to “have it all” – a successful business, loving relationships, radiant health, freedom-based life, and making an impact on this planet earth
  • You have the desire to finally prioritize yourself and overcome the blockages that hold you back from having the business and life you want
  • You are ready to live life to the fullest, become a flowpreneur, welcome prosperity, pleasure and more play

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You are not ready to make yourself a priority in your life
  • You want to keep on relying on external things that might fix you
  • You are only interested in trying medical methods and want to omit spirituality
  • Currently pregnant or less than 6 months postpartum
  • You are not an entrepreneur and not planning on becoming one

Are you ready to welcome freedom, balance and ease in your life?

Energy Exchange


I am searching for 8 committed women to test drive and give honest feedback about the program for a symbolic fee (a fraction of what the program will cost eventually) Apply before December 2nd midnight.

Regular price will be between $700 – $1200

Upgrade to the VIP Package to receive

3 x 1:1 sessions (60 minute each)

Energy exchange: an additional $/€ 299

To upgrade to VIP send an email to

Dates & Times

We start in January 2021

Flowpreneur Community - Vivien Vadkerti -


“The most significant overall change I have noticed during our coaching program is that I feel in balance right now. I have more confidence, I enjoy socialising, I feel empathy to myself and I celebrate victories. I would recommend Vivien to anyone who is seeking to find balance while achieving goals but want to stay healthy and better understand her body and emotions because even if we are career oriented we still need to take care of our health and ourselves.”

– Coralie

“It’s not the first time I have joined Vivien’s event and as every time, I am very appreciating her sharing wisdom on masculinity and femininity. With her active practice she is creating an amazing women community and a safe environment, where we can all come together and share our deepest reflections, concerns, desires and receive a great advice to find our true self. Become connected to the “goddess” that lives in all of us. With the understanding of self and given clear steps for the improvement, I become more confident to achieve my set goals and long term plans. Where I can finally tear down all my miss believes holding me back, to welcome greatness within a chosen path of my new balanced way of life.”

– Judyta

Vivi is a wonderful coach, she helped me heal in so many ways. She really helped me to get out of the emotional mud I was in and led me to loving myself again. I will be forever grateful for her support. She taught me how to love and respect myself, how to put myself first in a healthy way and showed me that self-love is much more than bubble bath with scented candles but compassion and understanding, accepting and embracing our true self.
If you ever get the chance to work with Vivi, don’t miss it because she can see the spark in everyone and show you how to nourish it to be a flame.

–  Imola


MMA will be available again spring/summer 2021

You’ll have unlimited access to Vivi throughout the duration of the course through email and the Facebook group. Vivi will check her email and Facebook daily to respond to messages promptly.

There are no refunds or returns due to the nature of this course. Because this is an educational service, there is no return option on the knowledge learned.

No! Not at all. Even though we are starting to learn about the menstrual phase you do not need to be in this phase in order to benefit. We will probably all be in different cycle phases and who knows, we may all sync up in the end.

You’ll receive all the transformational material (videos, workbooks, free bonuses and resources) through our online platform. Each week we gather for our LIVE session over Zoom and the recording of the session will be uploaded to our online platform. Plus you’ll have access to our private FB group.

Yes! Absolutely!

If you have an irregular cycle or your period is missing, you are welcome in this program and you will be supported 100%. It can be difficult to distinguish between the phases but you always have the knowledge of each phase within you at all times. What is most important is to honour how your body feels, and that applies whether you have a regular cycle or not.

I feel you sister, I had very irregular cycles (due to PCOS) before I started to learn about my cycle.

YES! Absolutely! Aligning your business tasks with your cycle can be a huge benefit. Imagine, working with the strengths each phase provides so you can achieve your goals faster and with less effort instead of constantly doing things that are out of sync with your cycle and constantly draining your battery.

When you’re on hormonal birth control, you have a synthetic cycle. Therefore you do not experience the same hormonal changes as you would with a natural menstrual cycle. Learning about the different phases of the menstrual cycle is very empowering and helps you connect with cyclical energy. 

So YES, join us! You might even decide on transitioning off of hormonal birth control to experience your natural menstrual magic.

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