The Flowpreneur Program

A revolutionary new way for women entrepreneurs to run a successful business without stress and overwhelm

A sure way to burn out as a fempreneur is to follow time-management and productivity systems that were developed by and for men!

My 3-month personalised coaching program helps you access your 28-day clock, your inner powerhouse, a.k.a. your menstrual cycle to enhance productivity, create a thriving business and greater work-life balance.

You shall be the one driving your business – not the way around. Don’t let your business drive you crazy!

Have you noticed that you feel different from week to week,
as if you weren't the same person day to day?

Then some (or all) of the followings will sound familiar

  • You created your business because you wanted to live out your passion while earning money and having more freedom. But, now it’s challenging to stay motivated as it’s hard to mange everything all at once. 
  • You are trying to do it all. You are being pulled in million different directions – balancing work, love life, kids, home, vacations, bills, appointments, social life, hobbies and the list goes on and on. You are wondering: how do others balance all these?
  • There is just not enough hours in the day! Even though you are working longer you are struggling to get things done. Your default answer to “How are you?” is “I am so busy”. Self-care is at the bottom of your to-do list, if it has even made it there.
  • You believe that “making it” as a female entrepreneur must be much harder than if you were a man. Productivity is king. Therefore, you expect to feel and perform the same way everyday with the same (preferably) high level of energy.

  • Sometimes you even struggle with the basics – prepping nutritious food, getting enough sleep, and moving your body. Forget about getting a massage, trying meditation, signing up for a dance class or a girl’s night out.
  • You are comforting yourself with junk food, alcohol or bingeing Netflix – because you deserve it after a hard day! These poor habits started to show up as health issues – aches & pains, weight gain, trouble focusing, irritability. You’re worried that the day when you can’t crawl out of bed might be right around the corner

If you are ready to say no to stress and welcome an everyday where you feel more energised, get more done with less sweat and finally have enough time for the things you love, I’d be honoured to guide you.

You are unique and there’s no one-size fits all. This is why, I work one-to-one, to give you a customised process, my full attention and hold your hand along the way.

What makes The Flowpreneur Program unique?

The centrepiece of The Flowpreneur Program is your magical menstrual cycle which is THE tool to achieve more by doing less. 

Expecting yourself to perform the same way everyday is not only insane but impossible. You are a cyclical being. Your hormones are fluctuating from one day to another influencing you physically, emotionally and psychologically. These shifts allow you to access different superpowers of yours throughout the month.

Imagine how amazing it would be to know exactly when is the best time to brainstorm new ideas, when you are the most creative and communicative, also when is the perfect time to network, give talks or make big decisions.

Once you understand how your in-built, 28-day clock works and partner up with it, you’ll realise that it actually provides a reliable and predictable framework and it’s a wonderful embodied time-management tool. Plus, cycle awareness is key to avoid burning out while running your own business. 

About The Flowpreneur Program

The Flowpreneur Program is for you, if you:

  • Fear that the stress will get so bad soon that you are going to burn out
  • Feel that there is just never enough time to complete your never-ending to do list
  • Have sought out to different kinds of time management tools, apps, books – but nothing seems to work, leaving you with the feeling of “something is seriously wrong with me
  • Expect to feel the same way everyday and when you don’t you label yourself lazy or weak
  • Believe that suffering is part of womanhood and you need to work harder than man
  • Feel guilty when you spend time on you, so you’d rather prioritise everyone else’s needs
  • Have lost sight of all the amazing things once you hoped to get when becoming your own boss

Our work together may include:

  • CYCLE AWARENESS – how to best support your cycle in each phase: diet, exercise, sleep, relationships, and self-care practices
  • MINDSET how to shift from a static to a cyclical way of thinking. Work through limiting beliefs around: stress, time, your cycle, success and self image
  • HABITS – mastering power habits to support sustainable change. Daily routines that set you up for success both in your business and personal life
  • TIME MANAGEMENT & PRIORITISATION – The best tools and practices for each phase of your cycle. Learn to let go, say no and set boundaries. 
  • CONNECTION – Reestablishing connection to your truest self and your feminine energy 

You can expect to achieve:

  • Ability to identify the four phases of your menstrual cycle and knowing how to harness your hormonal shifts and use them as a framework for your business to achieve greater results by doing less
  • Knowing how to plan and manage your business in partnership with your cycle to play the unique strengths you have in each phase so you can earn more money and make a bigger impact while doing what you love
  • Greater understanding of yourself as a woman, as a wonderful creator, a cyclical being in the digital age
  • Feel more energised, balanced and vital, have more clarity, confidence and increased self-worth
  • Better focus, concentration, efficiency and effectiveness 
  • More time and energy to spend with your loved ones or on your hobbies
  • Renewed purpose and meaning, increased sense of joy, peace and contentment
  • Ability to cope with life’s stressors and bounce back from setbacks 

3-month personalised coaching program

The program is designed with your bio-individuality in mind 


A customised plan taking into account your cyclical nature co-created together based on your specific vision, goals, and preferences


You likely know what you need to do. Doing is always the hardest part. As your coach I’ll provide the accountability to finally make the changes you desire


Consistency is key when developing new habits. To ensure you have consistency we have regularly scheduled sessions and close connection over three months 

The game plan


  • Coaching Agreement
  • Welcome package
  • 1,5 h Kick off Call


  • 6 biweekly sessions
  • 60 minutes each
  • From the comfort of your home 


  • Handouts, worksheets, resources
  • Unlimited emails in between sessions
  • Weekly email check-ins for accountability

Start with a free Breakthrough Session - on me!

This session will give you clarity over how your menstrual cycle influences your brain chemistry, your energy and productivity and guidance necessary to take the next step towards a stress-free, balanced and energised life. 

During this complimentary 45-minute call, we will:

  • Discuss how ignoring your 28-day clock has been impacting your work, health and relationships
  • Get a crystal clear picture on what your business (and life) would be like without the toll overwhelm and stress has been taking
  • Discover how working together can help you reach your business and life goals

After this session, you will feel clear, supported and empowered to partner up with your menstrual cycle to be able to take control of the stress and create the business and life you dream of and deserve.

Why have Vivi coach you?

The short answer is because I’ve been through it all. The stress, overwhelm, depression and eventually burn out. But, I turned everything around and today I run a successful business in alignment with my cycle which allows me to have greater work-life balance by doing less.

The longer story: My first business failed. Miserably. My partner and I had to shut it down (with a huge debt) because I was so stressed and burnt out that I couldn’t go on any longer. The insane workload and constant fight for keeping the business alive took a toll on my health, I became depressed and my PCOS symptoms resurfaced (which I once successfully put into remission with diet and lifestyle change).

Even though, I was aware of my cyclical nature and how beneficial it is to live in harmony with my menstrual cycle, once I launched my first business I completely ignored and tried to suppress everything I knew (huge mistake). I was pushing harder and harder, wanting to perform the same way day to day, without taking any break.

It cost me dearly to recover and be myself again. After taking some time to regain my health and strength, I vowed to myself never to disregard my second clock ever again.

I had no doubt about giving another shot to entrepreneuership because I always wanted to help women achieve greater health and happiness in their lives. But, this time I knew I’ll need to allow my cycle to take the lead and set the framework for my business.

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