Private Coaching

For the purpose-driven woman looking to create and live an authentic, happy and healthy life in alignment with her values. 

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

– Lucille Ball

Here is what I already know about you…

You’ve spent years playing by the rules, following the plans, the regimens and frankly – you feel exhausted

You are trying to fit in so much that you actually lost sight of what you really want

You are constantly doubting your own decisions and capabilities

You have a hard time deciding on which direction to go because “what if you fail?”

You got caught up in pleasing others and placing other’s needs in front of your own

You had such big dreams for yourself, for your life but they seem rather impossible to ever reach, worst you are not sure whether you are good enough to reach them

Your energy levels… what energy???

If you resonate with any of the above, you’re
in the right place.
2. Work with me - Here is what I already know about you - - Vivien Vadkerti

My exclusive 1:1 private coaching is a program for the driven goddess who’s serious about becoming her most confident self and creating a life she loves.

Believe me goddess, you deserve to live the life you’ve always dreamt about, even if you don’t believe it quite yet!

Why am I calling you a goddess? Because you’re already one! She is within you. Together we are going to bring her to the surface!

Together, YOU and I will…

Begin to set the foundation for lasting change by getting clear on your vision for yourself, your goals and what’s important to you and why 

Work through it all! – Identify what is and isn’t working for you, the habits that are failing you, the feelings behind them, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Come up with an achievable action plan, broken down into small steps that you can start implementing right away

Quieten your inner-critic and rewrite the stories you’ve been telling yourself and free you from unrealistic expectations

Enhance your self-confidence and cultivate profound self-love so you can build the best relationship with yourself enabling you to live life on your own terms

Ditch the perfectionist mindset and people pleasing and embrace who you truly are and what you really want

Create a customized self-care routine that helps prioritizing your well-being

3. Work with me - Together, You and I will - - Vivien Vadkerti

We are spending an entire 3 months together to create a personalized game plan for you to feel more sexy, good enough and self-confident to show the world unapologetically the authentic you.

What you get in the 6-month program, the game plan

Two 50-minute transformational coaching sessions every month for 6 months (12 sessions in total)

In between sessions unlimited email support from me

Free resources and templates that you can revisit

Access to any product I release during our coaching relationship

Occasional inspiration and tips sent straight to your inbox

Why have me coach you?

4. Work with me - Why have me coach you - - Vivien Vadkerti

I’m a Holistic Health Coach, specialised in self-care, self-love and self-confidence. My mission is to empower you to take care of yourself in a sustainable, personalized way enabling you to create the life of your dreams.

Today, I feel happy and healthy. I wake up with a sense of purpose, I am excited about what the future brings and I expect miracles every day. I am confident, I love myself and my life.

But I wasn’t always like this …

About a year ago, I was at my absolute lowest point. I couldn’t imagine that my future will ever be bright again and turn out the way I wanted it to be. Honestly, I didn’t even see a future for myself at all.

I was working 80 hours a week at a job I didn’t like. I was taking on too much and spreading myself too thin. I had no time for myself nor for my relationships. My physical health worsened, my PCOS symptoms reemerged (which I managed to put at bay with diet and lifestyle modifications before), and I felt lost and depressed.

Then one day, I felt that it was enough. I didn’t want to feel unhappy and miserable anymore, that was just not the way I want to live my life.

I knew change needed to happen and I (myself) needed to become that change.

I started reading self-help books and begin to work on changing my mindset and taking better care of myself. Slowly, by shifting my mindset, everything started to fall into place.

In less than a year, I turned my life around. I transformed from being a dreamer into an achiever. This progress, motivated me to enroll in my current Health Coach Training Program so I can help women like you to experience the same change and create the life you always longed for.

>> The best gift I could ever have given to myself was self-love <<

I want to help you rediscover this gift inside of you!

If you made it this far…

Then you’re serious about making a life-changing transformation.

But just to be clear…I’m looking for the passionate, driven, make it happen kind of woman to help her take her life to the next level.

If you’re not willing to show up and put in the work, then we aren’t a good fit to work together. Spaces for my coaching sessions are limited and are reserved only for women who are absolutely invested in themselves and committed to their transformation.

I’m only interested in working with the girl who’s relentless, who follows directions, and who’s willing to do the work to make her dreams happen.

5. Work with me - If you made it this far - - Vivien Vadkerti
We are gonna work hard but believe me, we’re going to have a lot of fun
reaching your goals along the way ❤︎
This sounds amazing, I need this!
What do I do next?

Book a Complimentary Discovery Call

I would love to have an initial 1:1 chat with you before starting the coaching process. So you can decide whether we are a good fit for each other. This is exactly why I offer a free 30-minute discovery call for anyone interested in the 6-month Program! This call is the first step in the coaching process but does not commit you to go any further so come with an open mind and make the most of this time for yourself.

I am IN! Show me how to become my most magnetic self!

I would feel honored to guide you on the journey of bringing your inner goddess to the surface.
I currently have space for 8 committed women.

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